Chelsea Handler swears off dating White men: ‘Too many bad apples’ spoiling the ‘collective’

Comedian and producer Chelsea Handler revealed that she’s sworn off dating White men because there are “too many bad apples” spoiling the “collective.”

During an appearance on Andy Cohen‘s SiriusXM radio show Monday, Ms. Handler was asked to describe the “type” of man she looks for on dating apps.

“I think Black,” she told Mr. Cohen. “I mean, with White men and the way straight White men have been acting for the last couple of years, I think there’s only one direction to go in — that’s Black, Asian, Latinx, anything that isn’t, you know, a White privileged male who’s denying what’s happening.

“I mean, listen, that’s not all men, obviously. We all know that there are good men out there,” she continued. “But very much like the police, there are too many bad apples to overlook as a collective. Like, there has to be a collective reckoning and saying, ‘Hey ladies, we’re sorry, you know, for everything we’ve done. We didn’t understand that you were at such a disadvantage or that every marginalized group was at a disadvantage because of us since the beginning of time.’

“So a lot of my material is aimed at, ‘Hey guys, we’re trying to make sure you don’t go extinct, so can you f—-ing listen to what we’re telling you and just shut up and say you’re sorry?’ Say you’re sorry, and we’ll tell you when your probation period is over in about six months to a year,” she concluded.

Mr. Cohen, who is a White man but also gay, didn’t respond to the rant, only remarking that he was surprised Ms. Handler was on the elite, celebrity dating app Raya and not the more accessible Tinder.

“I think Tinder is a perfectly reputable place for you to be,” he said.

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